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Oftentimes, employees are thrust into leadership or management positions with little or no training or coaching. An effective leader or manager makes all the difference in the world for the manager, the employees, and ultimately, the company.

But, becoming an effective leader doesn't come from reading a book, nor does it happen in a half-day workshop. Becoming an effective leader requires ongoing coaching and behavior change. San Diego HR Advisors offers the LMI development programs that lead to behavior change and measurable results. The Leadership Management International (LMI) development programs are based on the following four stages of behavior change:

  • Awareness: The key to positive change
  • Development: Goes beyond training to unlock untapped potential
  • Results: Management of results is the critical success factor
  • Planning: The heartbeat of performance

We have programs for all levels, ranging from employees to managers and senior executives, all designed to build fundamental personal and management skills. A sample curriculum would include:

  • Goal setting
  • Priority management
  • Effective communication
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Team productivity

Feedback tools and assessments are available, including 360-degree reviews.

NEW -- Our Team Development programs now include The 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. For more information, please visit our Team Development page.

How our programs are different:

  • They are delivered over several months to maximize learning and application on the job.
  • We emphasize the development of a high trust and high engagement culture.
  • Participants complete a self-assessment for each module.
  • Training materials include printed and audio forms to meet different learning styles.
  • Participants apply their learning and tools in their current work environment. They see immediate results!
  • Participants meet every two weeks for both one-on-one coaching and with their peers to evaluate outcomes and revised strategies.
  • Progress and outcomes are regularly reviewed with their sponsor to ensure accountability.

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