Employee Engagement & Culture

Does your organization actively cultivate high trust, engagement and achievement?

Building trust and engagement at all levels will help drive your performance. Companies with a positive culture that emphasize accountability, high employee engagement and trust have a significant competitive edge. These companies achieve better results across all business metrics ranging from profitability to customer satisfaction and even safety. High levels of trust drives lower costs and higher speed in the organization.

How can you increase your levels of trust and engagement? We recommend the following 4-step process:

Determine Desired Culture
We start with you and your leadership team. What are your values? What is the culture you want for your organization? How do you think your behaviors and your structure and systems sustain your desired culture? How does your culture impact your business results? How would achieving your desired culture impact your business and separate you from your competitors? We can facilitate these challenging discussions and help you focus your answers to clearly define the culture you'd like to create.

Assess the Real Culture
What is the actual culture in your organization? Is it different at different levels? What is sustaining the actual culture? We can conduct surveys (including the Gallup Q12) and focus groups to understand what is actually being experienced at different levels in your organization. How is your real culture impacting your business?

Action Planning
This step involves closing the gap between your desired culture and your actual culture and employee engagement. We facilitate discussions with you and your leadership team on the feedback and the actions you can take to change systemic or behavioral contributors to your culture. We will also work with you to develop a strategy for involving the entire organization in creating the culture you want. The fastest path to change is to involve all levels of the organization in creating the change required - especially for a significant shift in culture.

Action plans are based on your specific needs. Oftentimes, we see a huge benefit to improving the relationships between the employee and his or her manager. There are some easy-to-implement solutions including management training, the DiSC profile and Gallup's Strengthsfinder that can have an immediate impact.

Assessing the Impact
With sustained effort, you will bridge the gap to the culture you want and need for business success. It is important to measure (and celebrate) the progress. This is a valuable step in sustaining the culture you are creating. The assessment should include both quantifiable and qualitative feedback. It should also include looking at your basic organizational metrics. Are you achieving higher levels of revenue and profits, customer satisfaction and productivity?

You CAN achieve the benefits of a culture of trust, accountability and high engagement.

Contact us today to understand how we can help.

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