Companies In Transition

If your business is undergoing rapid change, you, your leadership team and your employees will be affected. Rapid change can include rapid growth or decline in business, fundamental changes in how you do business, mergers, or major leadership changes.

"The only constant is change..."

~ Isaac Asimov

SDHRA can help you successfully negotiate change so that you emerge where you want to be. Critical elements that we can assist you with include:

  • Understanding change and the various stages of the change process
  • Gaining alignment with your leadership team on their crucial roles in a successful transition
  • Implementing a change plan including the all-critical communication plan
  • Re-structuring your organization and re-deploying employees for success
  • Reducing your legal exposure
  • Assisting employees who are exiting with their job search
  • Engaging your continuing employees to ensure a high level of engagement
  • Hiring top talent to fill gaps in your organization and leadership team

Doing a great job of managing a significant change will make the difference in your success.

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Services Quick List

We invite you to browse our individual Companies In Transition services listed below.

Transition Basics

Here is where you'll find the basic services you may need as your organization goes through change. We can help with everything from change management, to laying off staff, to creating new org. charts and job descriptions.

Change Management
Employee Handbooks
Job Descriptions
Org. Charts

Transition Planning

Planning for known change is smart. We can help you navigate your coming changes smoothly and successfully.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Succession Planning

Engaged Employees

Keeping employees engaged and productive during times of change is most successful when you plan your efforts. We have lots of great options, and everything is customized based on your situation.

Employee Engagement
Team Development

Leadership Tools

When your company undergoes a major change, your leadership may change, too. With our help your new leaders, or leaders taking on new duties, will move effortlessly into their roles and your business will continue to function seamlessly.

Communication Skills
Employee Development
Management Training


We'll help you with these challenges and even hire top talent to fill in the gaps, and our hires are guaranteed for six months!

Staffing Strategies
Workforce Planning

Quick Start

Let us handle everything. We'll customize your Change Management Essentials based on assessments and interviews, and take the burden off your shoulders.

Transition Management
Startups &
New Business
Companies In
On Site