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San Diego HR Advisors provides flexible and cost effective HR services and solutions. Our goal is to help you achieve a high performing workforce that is motivated and engaged to make your business successful. Our solutions are oriented toward helping you create a high-trust, high-engagement culture where employees walk in the door able to do their best work everyday. This includes helping you build a solid foundation for your workforce, with HR basics tailored to your specific needs.

We provide a wide array of services to get you started or to improve your performance, including services in the following areas:

  • Structure and process - We'll help you build enough of a framework to keep you safe from a legal standpoint and create processes to improve your effectiveness. It could be as basic as an audit of your employee services or setting you up with a payroll option that is low cost and easy to use. Or, going beyond the basics, we might work with you to create a performance management process that actually enhances employee engagement via on ongoing feedback and focusing on employees' strengths, rather than the traditional, and dreaded, annual performance review that focuses on weaknesses.
  • Great employees - Getting and keeping the right employees is critical for your success. We can help you hire great employees using our performance-based hiring process, and we can help you deal with nagging performance issues. Every employee represents your brand and your organization. Let us help you to choose wisely!
  • Leadership tools - Successful leaders are able to develop a vision, align their organization with their vision, and execute their plans. We provide specific tools, expert facilitation and proven leadership and effectiveness training programs to accelerate your success. We guarantee our results!

How does it work?

We provide a range of options including single programs and workshops, complete services on retainer, on an interim basis, or even on an hourly basis.

We take great pride in recommending solutions that are based on your specific situation and requirements, and we are happy to speak with you about your needs. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us for more information!

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