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Hire & Retain Top Talent - Guaranteed

Our goal is to deliver 2-4 candidates so outstanding you will have difficulty choosing. We are so sure about the quality of our hiring process that we guarantee our new hires for 6 months (barring illness or unexpected reductions in force.)

Your Hiring Challenge

How do you beat the odds, find great candidates, and hire only A-players for your team?

Our Recruiting Solution

At San Diego HR Advisors, we use a performance-based hiring process to hire top talent, and ensure your hiring success.

Based on Lou Adler's methodology, we integrate sourcing, screening, interviewing and recruiting to deliver great employees.

To get your positions filled, we:

  • Define the Work: We develop a profile of the real work and the expectations, including key deliverables for the first 6-12 months and the challenges that will be encountered. This way there are no surprises for the manager or the new hire.
  • Comprehensive Talent Search: Focused on high achievers, we include both active and passive job seekers in our search.
  • Evidence-based interviews: This method allows us to dig deep into the candidates accomplishments, including how they achieved them, their approach to challenges, and their attitude. We also surface and address career gaps.
  • Focus on Career Path: We look at the top candidates for how the job fits into their career growth, avoiding the candidates who are just making a (usually short-term) lateral move for more money.
  • Reference & Background Checks: A routine part of our process, as legally permissible.
  • Smooth Integration: Using DiSC tools, we work with the manager and the new hire to help them better understand their work styles and communication preferences.
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Let's face it - Hiring statistics are scary:

  • 46% of all new hires fail in their first 18 months (Leadership IQ survey).
  • 89% of those failures are due to attitudinal issues (Leadership IQ).

You've probably experienced it - hiring what seems to be a great candidate, only to have the new hire lose interest and quit, or refuse to learn your systems, forcing you to let them go.

Please Contact Us to learn more about how we help you successfully hire top talent.

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