Meet the CEO

Donna Evans, SPHR, Founder and CEO

Donna Evans

With over 25 years experience in human resources and finance, Donna brings a high level of expertise, awareness and skill to her human resources consulting work.

Over the course of her HR career Donna has been involved with most aspects of HR, including developing solutions to improve executive team performance and employee engagement, reorganizing teams (500+ employees), reallocating and reducing resources and increasing hiring while maintaining high levels of employee engagement. She has been called upon to develop innovative compensation strategies to drive business results, and has provided coaching to executives, managers and employees who were experiencing difficult situations. She has provided HR for widely varying sectors and functions, so has a broad understanding of the needs of different industries and market segments.

Having worked with Hewlett-Packard for much of her career, she internalized the "HP Way" and emphasizes positive, effective company cultures for business success.

If you ask Donna what her favorite part of her work is, without missing a beat she'll tell you, "Coaching leaders and employees to success!" She continues, "Ultimately, it's all about the relationships. Whether it's helping them build their human resources from scratch, navigating their employee relations, dealing with the myriad of federal & state employment laws or team building and leadership development, I take a genuine personal interest in my clients and their well-being."

Donna believes in:

  • Providing good value to clients
  • Sharing her extensive knowledge of HR, hiring, and finance
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Continuing to learn and grow
  • Protecting clients from bad decisions or missteps

Donna and Stan at the finish lineDonna received her Bachelor's degree from Penn State University, and her MS from Purdue. She is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), an industry-recognized credential indicating HR mastery.

When she isn't running a world-class human resources consultancy, she can be found playing with her two dogs, and running (and biking and swimming) triathlons with her husband.

Please Contact Donna for answers to your HR questions and concerns.

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